Vacation/Property Safety

Vacation/Property Safety

Residents who will be away from their homes are encouraged to notify the police department. This would include whether you will be out of town on vacation or your residence will be unoccupied for an extended period of time for other events such as funerals or weddings. Those going on vacation should complete a Vacation Check Form and return it to the police department. This form provides contact information for persons who will be able to respond in the event of an emergency and information regarding alarm systems while you are out of town.

Tips for when you leave on vacation:

-Make your home appear as if no one has left

-Your blinds, shades, and lights should kept on in their normal position as if you are home

-Set up timers for lights or a radio to come on while you are away

-Stop your mail at the post office or have a neighbor collect it for you

-This prevents the mail from piling up which would show that no one has been at the house

-Activate your alarm before leaving

-Lock all of doors and all of your windows

-Have a neighbor or a friend mow your lawn or shovel your snow

-Have a neighbor park in your driveway

            -Be sure to note that a neighbor will be parking in your driveway on your vacation check form

-Have a relative or a family friend house sit for you

- Do NOT post on social media that you will be out of town

            -This will allow anyone to know that no one will be at your home and would negate many, if not all, of these preventive measures


Tips for keeping your property safe:

-Turn on outside lighting to illuminate your driveway/property

            Lights, including motion sensitive lights, are a great deterrent of criminal activity

-Lock you front door(s), side door(s), and close your garage door while working in your backyard

While you are preoccupied working in your backyard, a thief can easily enter your home undetected through your front door or main door of your attached garage. Thieves can also remove bikes, tools, and gas powered equipment from an open garage.

-Do not allow uninvited sales/repair people into your home

A common scam is for person claiming to be a sales/repair guy doing work in the area. Once they get into your home they will distract you in some way, while another person who is with them enters your home/garage undetected. That person steals items and the theft may not be discovered for days.

-Do not leave your window unlocked or open when leaving the house

            Leaving windows open for fresh air while you are gone allows for easy access to your home - primarily any windows on the rear of the house.

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