Safety Concerns & Crime Prevention

Safety Concerns & Crime Prevention

City Curfew

For the safety of all the residents the city issues a mandatory curfew for all minors and it is strictly enforced. City Curfew

Crime Victim Services

          There are many programs and services offered to those who are victims of a crime. Learn more about these services through the Ohio Attorney General’s Crime Victim Services website. Crime Victim Services

Cuyahoga County Missing Persons

Cuyahoga County is dedicated to searching and reuniting all missing persons and children. Through their website you can search all missing persons and provide tips. Cuyahoga County Missing Persons

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office serves the citizens of Cuyahoga County in criminal and civil cases. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office    

Domestic Violence/Abuse

Domestic Violence is physical abuse, emotional abuse; threats or intimidation used by a person who is married to, dating, living together, or share a child in common with in to control the other person. Domestic Violence/Abuse

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when another person uses your name and other personal information pretending to be you. Identity Theft


NetSmartz Workshop is a program of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children designed to provide children, parents, law enforcement and other parties with resources to combat missing children. Netsmartz - Child Safety

Ohio Attorney General

The Ohio Attorney General is the head of all law enforcement in the state of Ohio. Learn more about the services that are provided through the Attorney General’s website. Ohio Attorney General

Ohio Attorney General Sex Offender Registry

                View all registered sex offenders in the State of Ohio. Ohio Attorney General Sex Offender Registry

Cuyahoga County Sex Offender Registry
  View all registered sex offenders in the State of Ohio.  Cuyahoga County Sex Offender Registry

Parking Bans

                For safety reasons, there are many restricted areas where parking is prohibited throughout the city. 
Street parking in prohibited daily from 3-6 a.m.  Parking Bans

Power Outage

                There is many safety concerns when the power goes out and what you should do and who should you


Are you aware and prepared for when emergencies happen? Sign up for Cuyahoga County's emergency notifications system for weather and other emergencies as well as to receive important community notifications.  via phone call, email or text message. Ready Notify


To report a scam, call the Cuyahoga County scam trackers at 216.443. SCAM (7226). Call the Cleveland Better Business Bureau at 216.241.7678. Call the Ohio Attorney General's office at 1.800.282.0515.

Technology Safety

Technology is a huge part of our daily lives. Find out what tips you can do to help protect yourself with all technology. Technology Safety

Vacation/Property Safety

Going on vacation is fun, but worrying about whether your property is safe is not. Learn what you can do to make it more secure before you leave on vacationVacation/Property Safety

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle break-ins, stolen cars, carjacking can happen all the time. Learn more about you can do to prevent these crimes from happening to you. Vehicle Safety

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