A Message from Mayor Byrne

Please read my letter which was sent to the National Park Service in conjunction with the city’s application for approval to construct a retention basin at Nathan Hale Park, which has been designed to provide a solution to an ever increasing storm water problem that plagues this area of the city.  

The installation of the retention basin will give a new life to this park and create a unique experience for the residents by providing a basin to collect storm water that will be designed as lake with a fountain and include a trail, bridge, benches, educational stations, covered pavilion and bathrooms (with the potential for a gazebo near the basin).  The majority of the park will continue to be used for the originally-specified soccer and other recreational activities.

I am confident that the information and documents provided with this submission to the National Park Service will enable us to work collaboratively with the Park Service to move forward on the proposed basin project. 

Mayor Byrne's Cover Letter with Application


National Park Service - Nathan Hale

Environmental Assessment

The following are exhibits referenced in the Mayor's cover letter:

 Exhibit A         AECOM Storm Sewer Evaluation Report Phase I - April 9, 2018
 Exhibit B  AECOM Storm Sewer Evaluation Report Phase II - March 18, 2019
 Exhibit C  Nathan Hale Stakeholders Meeting Agenda - July 25, 2019
 Exhibit D  Nathan Hale Stakeholders Meeting Attendance
 Exhibit E   Nathan Hale Stakeholder Meeting Summary
 Exhibit F  Letter from Cuyahoga Community College
 Exhibit G  Letter from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
 Exhibit H   Member Community Infrastructure Agreement
 Exhibit I  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting Notice for October 7, 2019
 Exhibit J  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting Sign-in Sheet
 Exhibit K  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting Minutes
 Exhibit L  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting PowerPoint - October 7, 2019
 Exhibit M  Letter from the Cuyahoga County Sanitary Engineering Division
 Exhibit N  Davey Resource Group Water Delineation Report 
 Exhibit O  Department of the Army Preliminary Jurisdictional Determination 
 Exhibit P  GEOSCi Subsurface Exploration Report 
 Exhibit Q   Mayor's Caucus Minutes - February 11, 2019
 Exhibit R  Council Meeting Minutes - February 11, 2019
 Exhibit S  Planning Commission Agenda - March 4, 2019
 Exhibit T  Planning Commission Sign-in Sheet - March 4, 2019
 Exhibit U  Planning Commission Minutes - March 4, 2019
 Exhibit V  Mayor's Caucus Meeting Minutes - March 25, 2019
 Exhibit W   Council Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2019
 Exhibit X   Council Meeting Minutes - April 22, 2019
 Exhibit Y  Mayor's Newsletter - Spring 2019
 Exhibit Z  Letter from the Mayor - April 25, 2019
 Exhibit AA  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting PowerPoint - May 1, 2019
 Exhibit BB  Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting Notice - May 15, 2019
 Exhibit CC   Nathan Hale Retention Basin Meeting Notice - October 7, 2019
 Exhibit DD  Petition in support of the Nathan Hale Retention Basin
 Exhibit EE  Quit Claim Deed
 Exhibit FF  Offer to Purchase Property and Program of Utilization
 Exhibit GG  Ordinance 1996-21
 Exhibit II  Letter dated December 31, 1996
 Exhibit JJ   Letter dated May 29, 1997
 Exhibit KK  Letter dated April 13, 1997
 Exhibit LL  Letter dated October 28, 1997
 Exhibit MM   AMTECH Work Plan for the Remval of USTs in Nathan Hale Park
 Exhibit MM-1  Engineer's Estimate of Cost
 Exhibit NN  Letter dated December 22, 2005
 Exhibit OO  Letter dated October 3, 2011
 Exhibit PP    Assessment of Impacts for Nathan Hale Park
 Exhibit QQ  Federal Lands to Parks Environmental Screening Form (ESF)
 Exhibit RR   Review of Engineer's Cost Estimate
 Exhibit SS  Ohio Historic Preservation Office Resource Protection Review Application
 Exhibit SS-1  Ohio Historic Preservation Office Resource Protection Review


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