Active Killer Response 

Are you looking for safety training for school or employees? The Parma Heights Police Department offers training for active killer situations to help better prepare your business, school, or church to ensure the safety of all employees and individuals.  Active Killer Response

Animal Control Officer

The City of Parma Heights has a new animal control officer who works Monday-Friday.  The animal control officer also works for the City of Brooklyn that has an animal shelter where loose dogs are taken if the owner cannot be identified.  The animal control officer handles loose and barking dogs, stray cats and other miscellaneous animal complaints and issues and can be reached at 216.635.4291 or email

Are You OK?

          The Parma Heights Police Department offers a free program for the safety of our residents. This program uses a computer to call you and once the computer hears you it knows you are okay.  Are You OK?

Register Your Security Camera

            Are you are interested in registering your privately owned security camera with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Crime Strategies Unit? If so, please click this link to access their site: Security Camera Mapping


The Parma Heights Police Department seeks to keep updated contact information for all businesses in the event of emergencies or crimes committed at your location. Please complete our Security Information Form and return it to the Parma Heights Police Department.

Deer Management

The City of Parma Heights has a deer management program. To learn more about Municipal Deer Control Permit, click on the link and it will help guide you through the process. To be put on the list for harvesting deer that has been struck by vehicles or dispatched, come up to the police department to add your name to the list.

Fingerprints/Background Checks

The Parma Heights Police Department does not do fingerprinting or BCI background checks. Information is provided by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office on where these services can be performed. Please clink the link below to access their site: Background Checks

Prescription Drop Box

The Parma Heights Police Department has a secure drop off box for medication that unused or has expired. The location of the drop box is in the lobby of the police station. No needles or liquids, only pills are accepted.  

Retrieve Property 

Here we have information on what to do with all your property related questions, whether it is found property or the property was held or seized as evidence. Retrieve Property

Parma Heights ADA Disability Form

The City of Parma Heights has teamed up with Krista Allison, Miss Wheelchair Ohio 2022, in an effort to aid safety forces during times of crisis. Krista has created a way for residents to share information about friends, family or relatives within their household who are living with some form of disability. Below is the voluntary form being implemented within the City of Parma Heights. Should there be any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Parma Heights Fire Department at 440-885-1717 or the Parma Heights Police Department at 440-884-1234. Parma Heights ADA Disability Form


Sexual Harassment
 Have you or do you know someone that has been a victim of sexual harassment or assault?  To find out more
 information on the steps to take and resources available, follow this link: Sexual Assault Guide


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