Senior Safety Tips

Senior Safety Tips

Periodically the police department will hear of people who take advantage of the goodwill and trusting nature of most senior citizens. These people will frequently misrepresent themselves as people they are not. It is easy to protect yourself against them.

Over the phone

Never give out any personal information over the phone to anyone or any company if you didn’t initiate the call. Never give out your credit card number, social security number or bank account number over the phone. It is illegal for a telemarketer to ask for these numbers to verify a prize or gift. Police officers, detectives, investigators, or bank examiners do not need your money to catch a criminal. You never have to put up money first as a fee or a tax on a prize you’ve won in order to claim that prize.

At your front door

If you did not call for service, never let anyone who claims to be a repair person or utility worker into your home. Don’t open the door to people you don’t know. Ask them to wait outside while you call their company to verify who they are. If they are unwilling to wait, call the police department. Legitimate utility workers will be glad to wait. If you ever have any doubts or feel something just doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to call the police. An officer will be more than happy to verify the identity of someone who wants to enter your home. Don’t feel that your getting someone in trouble. The police will only arrest someone that is committing, or has committed a crime.
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