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Brian Heffernan, Director of Safety



The Director of Public Safety oversees the Police and Fire Departments.  Public safety is a high priority for the City of Parma Heights and our safety forces are committed to providing the residents with superior service. 


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Power Outages
Winter Safety



The Cuyahoga Emergency Communications System (CECOMS) and the Cuyahoga Office of Emergency Management (CCOEM) encourages residents to review the proper use of the emergency 9-1-1.

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The Safety Director is also responsible for the following:

Abandoned Vehicles- To report any abandoned (junk) vehicles please call the Safety Department.
Solicitor Permits-All solicitor permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety.  Anyone soliciting in our city must wear a yellow badge issued by the Safety Director.  If you would like a “NO SOLICITORS OR PEDDLERS” window sticker for your front door you can stop by the Safety Department at City Hall during business hours.  All solicitors are told not to knock at any homes bearing this sticker.  If this sticker is posted on your door and a solicitor knocks you may call the Police Department at the non-emergency number (440.884.1234).

For the safety of our residents there is no on street parking between the hours of 3 AM-6 AM.  No tractor-trailers are allowed to park between sunset and sunrise anywhere in the city.   

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A stop sign is one of our most valuable and effective traffic control devices when used at the right place and under the right conditions.  It is intended to help drivers and pedestrians at intersecting street locations decide who has the right of way.

Why don't they put in more stop signs?
Many people believe that forcing motorists to stop at each intersection will decrease overall speed on the road.  However, studies show that stop signs only reduce speed immediately adjacent to the sign, and that most drivers accelerate between intersections to make up for time lost at the stop sign.  Engineering studies indicate that the inappropriate installation of extra stop signs may cause additional problems, such as  more rear-end collisions, a redistribution of traffic onto side-streets, and drivers ignoring the appropriate stop signs.

The Right Way
Stop signs should only be used where they are warranted, as they cause substantial inconvenience to motorists through lost time and expended fuel.  Their use, tempered with professional judgment and local knowledge, will result in effective implementation..  Per the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD), a stop sign may be warranted at an intersection only where specific conditions exist.  The Ohio Revised Code sections 4511.09, 4511.10 and 4511.11, require all Ohio jurisdictions to install and maintain all traffic control devices in compliance with the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Multi-way Stop Intersections
The multi-way stop installation is useful as a safety measure at some locations.  It should be used only where the volume of traffic on the intersecting roads is approximately equal.  It should be used sparingly because of the significant increases in delays and operating costs which result from requiring all of the vehicles using the intersection to stop.
Per the OMUTCD, any of the following conditions may warrant a multi-way STOP sign installation:

Caution Must be Exercised in Installation
Most drivers are reasonable with no intention of maliciously violating traffic regulations; however, when an unreasonable restriction is imposed, it may result in flagrant violations.  In such cases, the stop sign can create a false sense of security in a pedestrian and an attitude of contempt in a motorist.

Traffic safety must be a positive science and must take into account the people behind the wheel to be successful.




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