PACT Officers

PACT Officers

PACT Unit Officers have gone door to door to every resident in the city handing out flyers. The officer will leave a personal flyer with his contact information on the flyer. This will be your way to contact your assigned PACT officer in your zone about neighborhood, community, children, or other issues you may have. The PACT officer will assist you in working on a solution. The officer will also explain what programs or services are available to help solve your problem.

There are seven officers assigned to the four zones to find out what zone you live in, click on the link below. Below the officer and his contact information assigned to each zone. If using email, please address your PACT officer in the email so it can be forwarded to him.


            Patrolman Taylor #6133

            Phone:440.481.3100 x6133



          Patrolman Vinkler #6123                                Patrolman Fischer #6134

            Phone: 440.481.3100 x6123                           Phone: 440.481.3100 x6134

            Email:                           Email:

ZONE 3        

            Patrolman Miller #6135                                  Patrolman D’Onofrio #6128

            Phone: 440.481.3100 x6135                            Phone: 440.481.3100 x6128

            Email:                            Email:


            Patrolman Dunnell #6154                                Patrolman Felkonis #6163     

            Phone: 440.481.3100 x6154                            Phone: 440.481.3100 x6163   

            Email:                            Email:   


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