Technology Safety

Technology Safety

Here are some safety tips for families whose children use the internet. These tips are for both parents and children and are designed to protect our children from online predators. If someone online tries to lure a child to a face-to-face meeting notified the police.

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Computer Safety

-          Monitor your child on the computer or make sure you can view the screen

-        Control the websites your child goes to using parent control software internet filtering solutions. This website can be used by parents, schools, business, and libraries

-          Never use ages, birthdays, graduation years, or other personal information in screen names or passwords

-          Change your passwords to websites you use often

-          Do not use the same password for everything

-          Stay up to date on the latest trends on the internets that your child may or may not be doing

Phone/Tablet Safety

-          Know your child’s passwords for their phone or tablet

-          Know the password to their social media accounts

-          Frequently monitor your child’s social media accounts

-          Know what apps your child is downloading

-          Do not post your location on your social media pages. You are just letting people know you are not home

-          Turn off location settings on your phone for any apps

-          Place a filter or block certain features on websites or apps

-          Write down your serial number and phone tracking app information in case your phone is ever stolen

-          There are security apps that you can download to your phone or device to assist you in monitoring your child’s activity

-          For more information on what steps to take to protect your phone and what to do if your phone is lost or stolen reference this link:

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