Active Killer Response

Active Killer Response

With active killer incidents becoming more prevalent in our society, it is best to be prepared on how to react to an active killer. The Parma Heights Police Department offers to businesses, churches, schools, and other companies the ability to be trained for an active killer situation to ensure the safety of their staff, patrons, employees, and other community members.

The PHPD has already begun training local schools and businesses in the community. The officers assigned to the training will come into your workplace and help with a number of safety and security concerns. Listed below are some of the concerns covered by the training program:

            -How to respond to an Active Killer  

            -Understand the principles of Run. Hide. Fight.

            -How to respond when Law Enforcement arrives

            -Components and/or creation of an Emergency Action Plan

            -A Training exercise with your staff and/or the police department

            -Facility management (i.e. security system, keys, floor plans, first aid kits)

            -Recognizing potential work place violence

The ability to keep our community safe and well-prepared for the most dangerous scenarios is one of our department’s top priorities. Learning and understanding the concepts of an active killer is highly important.

The training that is offered begins with an in-service training on active killers and concepts and then progresses into a training exercise. Officers can come in and speak with your business, church, or school throughout the year. At the end of the training, your business, church, or school will receive a certificate of training in the principles of Run. Hide. Fight. as taught by the Parma Heights Police Department.

To learn more about the program and to get your school, business, or church trained contact Sgt. Lindh at, or Ptl. Vinkler at, or reach them at the Parma Heights Police Department at 440.884.1235. More details about the program will be explained and what training you are looking for your company.

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