Jail and Warrants


The City of Parma Heights no longer holds prisoners in our city jail. Instead, individuals charged with misdemeanor offenses are housed at North Royalton City Jail. Those individuals charged with felony offenses are housed at Parma City Jail.

 North Royalton Jail
14000 Bennett Road, North Royalton, OH 44133
For more information: http://www.northroyalton.org/en-US/Police-Department.aspx

Parma Jail
5555 Powers Blvd., Parma, OH 44129
For more information: http://www.cityofparmapolice.com/departments/detention-center.htm


The PHPD accepts two (2) forms of payment when posting bonds for persons being held in jail or for persons posting bond on outstanding warrants. We accept cash (in the exact amount) at our police station. We only accept credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER) at the Mayor's Court located in City Hall and open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. There is an additional Bond Surcharge in the amount of $25 that is charged by the State of Ohio for each bond posted. Bonds guarantee an appearance at court and may be forfeited if the person fails to appear for their court date. Bonds written to the individual facing the charges may be used towards any fines and/or fees ordered by the court. Bonds may be subject to change by the court.


Persons having an outstanding warrant with the City of Parma Heights have the option of posting bond on the warrant without being placed in custody. They are required to bring the amount of bond to the Police Department and they will be provided with the paperwork necessary to clear their warrant. They will be issued a new court date and are required to appear in court for their charges. The acceptable forms of payment are cash (in the exact amount), personal checks (which are automatically withdrawn from your account) and credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER). There is an additional Bond Surcharge in the amount of $25.00 that is charged by the State of Ohio for each bond posted.

Warrant Amnesty Program
Our department periodically runs a warrant amnesty program to help clear up old warrants.  To see if you qualify for the program, contact our Mayor's Court at 440.884.9603.

Any motor vehicles towed by the PHPD will be subject to a $25 release fee.  Proof of ownership through title or registration and a photo identification are required.  Other release conditions may apply and can be found at our police station.

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